Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Chemistry major? Need to memorize which elements are metals and keep forgetting the atomic mass of oxygen? No need to study long hours anymore burning the midnight oil instead pop in the shower and relax as you educate yourself on the wonders of science.


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  • Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

    Slice pizza at wrap speed and boldly take your pizza where no pizza has gone before. Enjoy this Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter that works well under zero gravity and will be a hit among man and Klingon alike.


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  • Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver

    Who doesn't need a Gallifreyan device, no pun intended. Now you too can explore the universe or your basement with this awesome Sonic Screwdriver. Gain all the powers of Dr. Who aside from the accent with this awesome device!


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  • Etch A Sketch iPhone Hard Case

    Satitate your retro childhood memories with this Officially Licensed Etch A Sketch iPhone Hard Case. I'm sure there is an app for that as well


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  • Musical Tie – Piano

    Makes a great gift!