MagNif Money Maze Puzzle

Keep your money safe from scoundrels and other evildoers with this amazing money puzzle.


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  • Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

    It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Flingshot Flying Monkey!!! This Flingshot Flying Monkey is a new twist on the classic slingshot toy. Just insert your fingers into the hand pockets, pull back and let it fly! The monkey will scream as you watch it soar across the room! It's great fun that the whole family can enjoy. Insert fingers into hand pockets, pull back, and monkey will fly through the air Measures approx 10" long and 2.5" wide Monkey screams as he flies across the room Can soar up to 50 feet!!! Makes a great gag gift! CHOKING HAZARD-Not recommended for children under age 3 Product contains Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions


  • Babyknucks SILVER Knuckles Bottle Opener Key Ring & confidence booster- as seen at Think Geek

    "It's not all grape juice and animal crackers out there, and when the binkies drop, you need an edge. That's why we made BabyKnucks" - Jeff Knox - Inventor

    Engraving is available! Visit for details Babyknucks is the worlds #1 leader in baby self defense products, "Because daycare can be a rough place".

    Babyknucks are solid metal die cast construction available with a mirror polished silver or brass finish matching key ring and measure 2" x 1 ΒΌ" by a hefty 3/16" thick, for the weight you need in a good set of knucks for your baby.

    This is one man's mission to provide babies with the self defense tools needed to defend against parents bad fashion choices and evil babies.

    "I designed and custom made the first prototypes until I made the ultimate set of Baby size knuckles EVER to be produced." Babyknucks were designed by knife maker Jeff Knox of St Louis Missouri as a joke for a friend's first son. The reactions to that first pair were so overwhelmingly positive Jeff decided everyone should be able to enjoy them, thus babyknucks was born. for more information about babyknucks please visit www babyknucks com.


  • Musical Tie – Piano

    Makes a great gift!