Bacon Adhesive Bandages

What’s better than wrapping your wounds in what looks like bacon? Nothing except eating the bacon but we don’t recommend that. Just don’t go licking your band aid or people might think you’re half cat.


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  • Pulcher® Water Resistant (30m) Black Lava Stainless Steel Cobra Style Digital Bracelet Wristband Blue Color LED Light Watch for Man Male Women Lady Unisex, Operated by Hitachi Maxell Battery – In Gift Box – in Pulcher® Retail Packaging

    This water resistant watch powered by Hitachi Maxell battery has a black stainless steel wristband with blue digital led light to show time and date. The power capacity is up to 10 times higher than Chinese generic versions of Pulcher. Thanks to its unique cool style it's not just a watch, it's also a designed bracelet that keeps an eye on the time for you. Thanks to the style it´s not restricted to any certain age or fashion.

    The perfect gift for every special moment to show your appreciation to someone you care for...

    Time/ date setting: - Press the lower button on the right side of the watch. ( This will cause the current setting to blink )

    - Continue pressing the button until you arrive at the setting you want to change.

    - Press the top button to change the information.


    If you for any reason are not happy with any product by Pulcher®, please do not hesitate
    to contact us. In every customer relationship, Pulcher® strives to be a trusted partner
    and seek to achieve 100% in customer satisfaction.

    Pulcher® is a pending trademark protected by US Trademark Law. All products by
    Pulcher® are exclusively distributed by Pulcher® and licensed resellers.


  • 8-Bit Hair Bow

    Rawk it, old skool girl. You were a gamer before they made pink controllers. Heck, you were a gamer before there were female characters. When it was revealed that Samus Aran was a girl, you cheered while your brother stared slack-jawed at the screen. If you do play a female character in a game it's because you like her moves, not because she's the only female option. (Case in point: In SMB2, the floating power is quite convenient!) Whether you call yourself a gamer girl, grrl gamer, or just a gamer (because really, why qualify it?), this hair bow proclaims your love for your 8-bit heritage. Clip your hair back with this stylish 8-Bit Hair Bow so your tresses don't get in the way while you're aligning the perfect headshot in your favorite FPS.

  • LifeProof iPhone Case

    This little case really is LifeProof. You can use it underwater up to 6 feet which makes it awesome if you want to take pictures underwater with your fancy little phone. Now you don't have to drop thousands of dollars to get those underwater pics like those guys at Natural Geographic. Join the future of underwater awesomeness and grab this case. The case also will handle being dropped form up to 6.6 feet and not damage.


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  • ThinkGeek Tactical BBQ Apron

    ThinkGeek Tactical BBQ Apron